Don't sacrifice great service for a lower price, when you can have both!

Your customer base is just too valuable. The demand for suppliers’ commodities are at an all time low. In today’s competitive marketplace, there is no doubt …driver shortages, and the receding economy are the problem. B & G Carriers is your solution. Customers want good service and great rates regardless of how the economy is performing. We know that getting freight moved at prices that are comfortable for everyone can be a real headache, especially when customers still demand great service. Give B & G Carriers the opportunity to develop the service-plus relationship that we maintain with our existing customers.

B & G Carriers has positioned itself to become a leader in the transportation industry by following one simple rule:

Consistently delivering great service at a fair price. The key word is consistent. Great rates and superior service, consistently. For over 10 years our transportation family has prided itself in delivering superior service throughout the Mid-South region. We have served shippers, producers, and steam lines, as well as brokers, freight forwarders, and 3PLs. No matter who you are, or what’s your position in the “transportation chain”, we serve faithfully. Every day we strive to deliver your freight safely, and intact, on time……every time.

B & G realizes the importance of you and your customer’s time and money, therefore we treat each and every shipment for what it is…..critical. Absolutely critical.

Why trust your freight to anyone who feels any differently?

Get the best value for your transportation dollar. When your freight needs a haul, give us a call.

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