Husband/Wife Team
Bill & Holly Simmers
Both Graphic Artists
& Web Programmers
bringing exceptional
500+ clients since 1997
Bill is also an Audio/Video/Lighting Systems Design Engineer and a Drummer with Crossway Worship Band. Holly became the Administrative Assistant for the Memphis Youth Symphony Program (MYSP) January 2012. Our twin daughters Bethany and Roxanne are now attending Memphis College of Art, studying Sequential Narrative. Our son Brandon is a Bassist with the Memphis Youth Symphony and a composer in training. He is a coach with River City Gymnastics and is a member of the Twisters competitive team. My younger two daughters play Cello and Violin with MYSP, are avid readers, writers, and tech geeks. :) Both are actresses with Crossway drama team. Jasmine was a worship leader for 3 years in kids church and is an A/V Tech running the camera for Crossway Worship services. Trinity is a dancer with InterSession Dance & Guard Theatre, and talented artist. The younger 3 all have plans to become engineers in various fields.

Clients across America are BUZZING about our Webmaster Plans!  Get a new fully interactive customized website -- designed, updated monthly, and hosted for a whole year! Just $660/year including a customized Blog or Podcast. Our packaged websites average seven pages of content . Corporate clients requiring more pages, increased bandwidth and storage space, multiple email accounts, database applications, or multiple podcasts/blogs, please choose our $900/Year Webmaster GOLD Plan.

We Specialize in Flash and web 2.0 interactive functionality.  Web 2.0 is the concept of using the internet as a platform to build on and not just a method of sharing information.  We help  with you to develop a useful, fun, appealing, and inviting website that communicates your agenda while allowing your visitors to have one of their own. 

Each website includes a free BLOG with RSS feed subscription and controllable visitor comments area. Visitor commenting mimics the past role of guest books and testimonials and blogging can replace a past newsletter role too, only guests can subscribe to specific topics or categories you create, giving them more control than before.  In addition, many of our websites use Flash page headers which allow you to upload and control a 'slideshow' of photos, images, even flash movies at the top of all or specific pages of your website. 

Ready for more?  The list of possibilities is endless with developers continually releasing new concepts to consider.  However, we offer a few popular choices we've tested and found useful, easy and very customizable in most situations.  Most add-ons may be added to our plans for $120/year each; some are free with hosting.

We encourage the use of such tools on larger websites and member based sites (like churches) so we have included up to three of these add-ons in the Webmaster Gold Plan! Applications you may choose from now include a podcasting manager, online calendar, discussion forum, or registered downloads.

We have already been working for you for fourteen years.
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$660.00/Year Package
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